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Predictive Human Centric Cybersecurity for Outlook

Proactively prevent and coach your employees against malicious, insider or negligent security threats over Outlook

Why Secure Outlook?

Image for Phishing Attacks

Phishing emails intentionally try and fool users into entering their information or credentials into a fraudulent site

Image for Sharing sensitive data

Accessing sensitive data such as your account numbers and IDs (passport) on email from anywhere is convenient for you and also the hackers

Image for Email = Business

All your business is done on emails - Your invoices, payments, trade secrets are all on email

Image for Human error

Accidentally sending emails to the wrong user is one of the most common causes of breaches

How Gamma Helps!

Image for Continuous Monitoring

Gamma uses AI & ML to identify credentials, sensitive data and files in outlook

Image for Compliance with regulations

Automate technology controls to ensure continuous compliance within Outlook

Image for Continuous Training

Build a culture of security. Train or coach employees when they commit a mistake on Outlook

Image for Proactive Policy Enforcement

Enforce organization's security policies over Outlook for proactive prevention of threats

What is Gamma?

Uses AI and ML to automatically discover, tag sensitive data, phishing emails, risky add-in's and applies policies

Continuously monitors occurrences of sensitive information, phishing emails, risky add-in's for Outlook in real time

When Gamma identifies phishing emails, sensitive data it proactively informs the user to delete the email and alerts the IT admin

Gamma's Outlook add-in is a single click install, with zero lock-in or friction

How Gamma Works?

  • No installation or changes for the user. Simply use Outlook as is and Gamma protects your sensitive data, you from phishing emails and risky add-in's
  • Uses AI & ML to automatically discover and classify sensitive data, identify phishing emails and risky add-in's in real time
  • When a user sends sensitive data in email. Gamma notifies the user about the violation and allows the user to take action with a single click
  • Trains users to follow corporate security practices and create a security culture
  • Gamma proactively trains the user to identify phishing emails, sensitive data in Outlook
  • Gamma uses byte sized training to increase security awareness when the user makes a mistake
  • Provides visibility into the sensitive data that is being sent in Outlook
  • Dashboard allows the admin to monitor, approve or block events and do a digital forensic analysis