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Introducing Gamma

Gamma is an enterprise data provisioning platform with built in governance and lineage tracking. Gamma offers privacy by design along with provable audits & compliance. That means de-identification as a service, cell level access controls, and continuous risk monitoring.

Proven Results

Gamma optimizes your enterprise data infrastructure across the following three dimensions:

Risk of Exposure

No more sensitive data sifting across devices and servers - easily comply with Right to Erasure.

Time to Access

Power up your data and business analyst productivity - data access lead time reduction from over 6 weeks to less than a day.

Effort to Provision

Give back time to your data engineers and database administrators from boring data integration and data provisioning jobs.

What constitutes Gamma?

Connect any data source including relational databases, NoSQL databases, all file formats with no size restrictions.

Transform data efficiently while maintaining referential integrity using state of the art masking options.

Provision data to various identities/roles while fully integrating with cloud BI tools (Domo, Tableau, Looker)

Monitor data access risks, data usage patterns, and get timely access alerts.

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