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Predictive People Centric Security for Gmail

Proactively prevent and coach your employees against malicious, insider or negligent security threats over Gmail

Why Secure Gmail?

Image for Bank account details in Gmail

Using financial data in emails is a violation of various banking regulations like PCI, NACHA among others.

Image for Accidental sharing

Emailing documents with sensitive data to the wrong email address is the most common data breach.

Image for Forwarding confidential documents to personal email

Forwarding confidential documents to personal email is an insider threat that keeps CISO’s up at night.

Image for CEO Impersonation (Spear phishing and BEC)

Users responding to CXO impersonation leads to financial loss and loss of credentials.

How Gamma Helps!

Image for Visibility

Gamma uses AI & ML to identify bank account data, sensitive data in emails and sensitive files in email attachments.

Image for Compliance with regulations

Gamma helps you put automated technology controls to ensure continuous compliance with Gmail.

Image for Continuous Training

Train or coach employees when they make a mistake. Build a culture of security.

Image for Proactive Policy Enforcement

Proactively enforce organization's security policies on Gmail.

What is Gamma?

Uses AI and ML to automatically discover, tag sensitive data and applies policies.

Continuously monitors occurrences of sensitive information over Email in real time.

When Gamma's extension identifies sensitive data it proactively informs the user to delete the data and alerts the IT admin.

Gamma's Chrome extension is a single click install, with zero lock-in or friction.

How does Gamma work?

  • Monitors all emails for sensitive data and sensitive files in attachments.
  • Uses AI & ML to automatically discover and classify sensitive data.
  • When a user sends sensitive data in an email. Gamma’s DLP extension notifies the user about the violation and allows the user to take action with a single click.
  • Trains users to follow corporate security practices and create a security culture.
  • Gamma’s DLP extension proactively prevents a user from sharing sensitive data in an email.
  • Gamma’s DLP extension allows users to provide justification to IT for sharing the sensitive data.
  • Provides visibility into the sensitive data that is being sent in email across the organization.
  • Dashboard allows the admin to monitor, approve or block events and do a forensic analysis.