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Image of a person standing in front of IT systems trying to improve cyber security of the company

Predictive People Centric Security

Proactively prevent and coach your employees against malicious, insider or negligent security & privacy threats across cloud applications

Image of a person standing in front of IT systems trying to improve cyber security of the company
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Your employees are your weakest security link

Image of an Information Technology admin solving problems

Over 90% of the major data, security and privacy breaches start with human negligence. A single response to a social engineering attack or one corporate secret leaked externally could cost your company millions of dollars and a decade worth of reputation.

Gamma leverages deep artificial intelligence to instantly identify and automatically remediate instances of inadvertent employee actions across cloud applications before they turn into a major security or privacy breach.

Why Gamma?

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Security awareness is the need of the hour but no one pays attention to it. Gamma fully gamifies security awareness via its patent pending AI enabled event-driven training solution.

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Data is the new IP. Gamma traces your most sensitive data assets across all IT applications providing a singular holistic view and offers protection against potential data leaks.

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94% of organizations experience one insider threat per month. Gamma instantly detects and automatically blocks such incidences across all cloud applications.

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91% of data breaches begin with a social engineering attack. Gamma fingerprints your organization and instantly identifies when an attack is getting initiated.

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How Gamma works?

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  • API integration with your SaaS applications

  • Easily install Gamma from the SaaS marketplace

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  • Uses AI & ML to automatically discover and classify threats in real time

  • Use reporting mode to continuously monitor the threats in SaaS applications

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  • Simple configurations to enable infotypes

  • Custom configurable warnings and notifications
 to engage users and improve security awareness

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  • User dashboard to enable social influence and improve security behaviors

  • Admin dashboard to monitor, approve or block events and do a digital forensic analysis

How has Gamma helped!
Users protected
Violations detected
Breaches remediated

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