Protect your SaaS data

Mitigate data exposure risks, minimize insider threats, get compliance audit ready

Data leaks can be devastating!

83% of enterprises store sensitive data in the cloud: whether it is PCI, PHI or PII data in Salesforce, Epic, Workday, or Box. For enterprises where “data is the new oil”, data leaks or non-compliance can be devastating, and a costly nightmare to their reputation

Gamma’s data leak prevention (DLP) platform uses AI and machine learning to automatically discover, classify and protect sensitive data across everyday SaaS applications. Mitigate data exposure risks, minimize insider threats, and get compliance audit ready.

Introducing Gamma

83% of organizations store sensitive data across SaaS platforms. Gamma automatically discovers it, classifies it and masks it

34% of data leaks happen due to insider threats. Gamma flags any inappropriate activity and maintains an audit trail of who accessed what data

5.47 MM dollars are spent annually on compliance and audits on average. Gamma’s automated data classification and data use audit logs reduces that spend to half

What constitutes Gamma?

Gamma automatically discovers the most sensitive and mission critical data across all your SaaS applications - including financial files, sales data, health records, tax documents, etc.

Gamma automatically identifies and classifies the content inside your sensitive data into PII, PCI, PHI, SOX. This helps you easily organize your data for compliance audits.

Once classified, Gamma automatically masks, redacts and protects the most sensitive data across all your SaaS applications - whether it is email, Salesforce, Zendesk, Epic, etc

Your IT team can monitor all events of non-compliance and internal threats across the organization in an easy to use dashboard. They can also grant special permissions to specific users, approve certain events, and reason out why a breach happened

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